About Us

The history of A2 Distribution...

2003 - 2006:

A2 Distribution and its website A2distribution.com was launced in the Netherlands on June 16, 2003. A2 Distribution's primary location was direct at Holland's A2 Motorway, the Dutch part of the E25 (Route de Soleil) running all the way down to Palermo, Italy.

The first business involving A2 Distribution, was (worldwide) distribution of video games, original (brand) accessories and the American gaming accessories brand with lifetime warranty: Intec, by using the websites GameDesk.com and GameDesk.nl. After changing location to Belgium in 2006 distributing video games and accessories became less interesting.


2007 - 2011:

In 2007, A2 Distribution Ltd., part of FB Investments Ltd., started distribution of sodas, beers, wines and cocktails throughout Europe and had 24/7 instant home delivery in the Netherlands done by 0900-DRANKEN. From 2010 it was only distributing the well known Italian wines from Priore di Franciacorta as their sole distributor. Highlight was beginning 2011 when A2distribution.com was world's first website accepting Bitcoin payments direct through their own payment gateway on the website, using the by FB Investments Ltd. owned BitPay.org, World's first Bitcoin payment gateway provider for most e-commerce platforms.


2011 - 2016:

Due to corrupt Dutch officials, computers, backups, the domains A2distribution.com, BitPay.org and Bitcoins worth over € 12,500,000.- were conviscated in April 2011. In May 2013, Dutch court ordered the Dutch authorities to return everything that was conviscated to the rightful owner. In July 2016 nothing had been returned. However the websites were having new / other owners since June 2011, as they were sold by the corrupt authorities / officials. Both domains were offered for sale to us for an amount exceeding € 100,000.- each. We simply refused negotiating with corrupt Dutch officials about having them returned, except for free as we were the rightful owner.  

2016 -> :

Expiration of A2distribution.com domain registration on June 16, 2016, gave us the chance to register it again on June 29, 2016. Currently A2 Distribution renewed its website A2distribution.com and it is part of the Bangkok based Top Secret International Co., Ltd. (topsecretco.com). A2 Distribution has gained all the rights to distribute Vparfums (vparfums.com) worldwide. Vparfums are high quality and long lasting perfumes manufactured by FT-Fragrance in Bangkok, using well known fragrance oils made in Grasse, France.